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kentville Irrigation FAQ

This section of our web site will answer questions that we commonly hear from our clients. We welcome any and all inquiries from our visitors but you might find an instant answer to your question listed here.

Q.  Do you dig up my lawn to install an automatic irrigation system?
A.  No.  We have a machine which knifes through the sod and pulls the pipe in behind.  There is virtually no damage to your lawn after an installation.

Q.  Do I have enough water to irrigate my whole lawn properly?
A.  A test is done on your water supply to determine how your property will be zoned.  Only one zone will run at a time; therefore allowing your supply to meet the demand of water that the irrigation system requires.

Q.  Does an irrigation system use a lot of water?
A.  The watering that an irrigation system does is very efficient.  There is no wasted water on sidewalks, driveways, or buildings; therefore the water is going where it is needed.  If you have watered your property in the past with a hose and sprinkler it is quite likely that you will use less water due to the gain in efficiency.

Q.  What happens to the water lines in the winter?  Won’t they freeze?

A.  The lines are cleared out in the fall to prevent freezing.  A large air compressor is used to ensure that all water is removed.  This is a service provided by Rousseau Irrigation.

Q.  Is there any danger of damage to the sprinkler heads when I mow my lawn?
A.  No.  The sprinkler heads retract into the ground where they are completely protected.  The heads are made from heavy PVC plastic and are very rugged and durable.

Q.  What happens if something malfunctions and I don’t  know  what to do?
A.  Simple.  CALL 847-1234.  We take great pride in the service that we are able to provide our customers.